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Finding the help you need…

Independent artists, small and mid-sized arts groups, and social-profit organizations (we think that’s more accurate than non-profit) face many challenges in squeezing the most out of their communications budgets. An extra pair of skilled hands on deck at the right time can make all the difference. I’d like to help.

Introducing Myself … Twenty years as a journalist and editor, and another twenty as an arts publicist and event producer, have left me with a fine collection of posters and awards and the skills to help you fine-tune the materials and promotional strategy for your next event.

Working for publications like the Georgia Straight, Victoria Today, Montréal Magazine and the Vancouver Courier, I learned how to translate art-speak, bureaucratese, and other arcane jargon into the crisp and clear journalese that editors are looking for when they open your media release or turn to your website.

As communications director for Vancouver’s Dragon Boat, Writers, Children’s, and Folk Music festivals, and numerous other cultural events, I applied those skills as an advocate for the cultural and social-profit community.  Seven years as the communications and community engagement director for the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture enabled me to develop my event management experience as producer or co-producer of the annual Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Awards, the Alliance’s annual Arts Summit, and numerous roundtable and workshop events.

Kevin Dale McKeown

Kevin Dale McKeown

Where I’ve Been & Who I’ve Worked With

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What Can I Do For You?

Cheap & Cheerful Media Relations

With what I like to call my Cheap & Cheerful Media Relations package I will draft and format your media release and accompanying background document. This can be useful for independent artists, small organizations, and busy publicists who already have their own media contacts. As the name implies, it is very affordable.

Media Release & distribution

My Media Release & Distribution package includes all the above, plus distributing your release to my extensive Metro Vancouver media list, registering your event with the major print and online event listings, and providing you with some tips for connecting with media and a list of media contacts to follow up with.

Writing & Editing

Writing and editing are my core skills, and I can also lend a hand with creating content for your website, promotional brochure, and other written materials. Just let me know what’s needed, and we’ll get going.

Event Management

With my event management consultation cap on, I would be pleased to work with you in developing your event themes, programming, marketing strategy, and timeline. I can also assist in the hands-on management of your event, as required. Let’s discuss your event and develop a budget that works for you.

For More Information…

Contact me with details of your upcoming show or event, and I’ll send you the details and rates that apply.


Kind Words From Colleagues

“I loved working with Kevin as our writer/editor for our current website.”

Elaine Carol

Artistic Director, MISCELLANEOUS Productions

“Kevin's greatest contribution during his years at the Writers Festival was his ability to translate onto paper my vision of program events.”

Alma Lee

Founder & First Artistic Director, Vancouver Writers Festival

“Kevin fully grasps the critical path from initially imagining a new event to taking a successful one to the next level.”

Lorenz von Fersen

Retired City of Vancouver Cultural Planner