KDM Communications

Media relations support for arts & social profit organizations


Twenty years as a Vancouver-based journalist, arts columnist, and community publication editor, and another twenty years as a busy arts and special event publicist, have left me with a wall covered in posters, a shelf full of awards, and the skills and connections to help you fine-tune the promotional strategy and materials for your event or special project. 

What I can do to help:

  • Writing & Editing: Send me your basic information, event details, producer’s and artists’ statements, organization’s story, and I’ll turn the crib notes, artspeak, bureaucratese, and academic argle-bargle into the kind of journalese that editors and producers are hoping to see when they open your media release and background documents. In other words, let’s speak to them in their own language.

  • Media Release Distribution: My media list

  • Event Consultation: Xxx

I am available to help overworked publicists with writing and editing media releases and backgrounders, and develop media relations strategies and timelines for cultural and other non-profit organizations, and to provide media release distribution through my comprehensive Metro Vancouver media contact list.

This website will shortly include more information on both my background and offered services. In the meantime ….

Kevin Dale McKeown

Kevin Dale McKeown